WSP high school club list

Rainbow Alliance

The Rainbow Alliance is a club for members of the LGBTQIAP+ community and allies. We’re WSP’s version of a GSA (Gender and Sexualities Alliance). We raise awareness and educate the wider school community; provide a safe and supportive space for all members of the LGBTQIAP+ community; and, of course, have fun!

Melinda Yang

Wednesday lunch

Book Club

We read books.


Friday after school

Environmental Awareness

We work to make our community more eco friendly by inputting systems and educating the student body on the current issues of the natural world

Taylor Brandenburg

Thursday lunch


The photography club is here to promote creativity through photography, to share the photos we take of students and events, and to improve photography skills. We are seeking to display our photos through a website, Social media, collaborating with WSP Chronicles, holding events on photography to share students’ experience during the pandemic.

Ken Li

Friday lunch

International Student Association

ISA is a club that brings different cultures to our school community. We will have many activities and fun things.

Henry Wang

Wednesday lunch 


We will meet once a week to discuss and debate anything from current events and economics to philosophy. It’ll be a less formal, more conversational setup designed to encourage hearing new perspectives, where there is no pressure to take a strong stance or crush your opponent.

Nico Khan

Friday lunch


We gather to enjoy, educate about, and play the tabletop role-playing game called DnD

Dungeons and Dragons

Willow Kvitek


Waldorf Chronicles

WSP’s online high school newspaper. As a publication, we strive to inform and entertain the community, provoke conversations and debates, and provide a snapshot of student and community life. 

Dylan Lee

Thursday lunch

Psychology Club

taking personality tests, educating the school about psychology terms, meditation, stress ball making, psychology-related movies, and documentaries, etc.

Nymisha Desai

Friday lunchtime

Spanish Club

Practice conversational Spanish to improve speaking and understand spoken Spanish. Meetings may consist of chatting, games, or listening to short clips or watching short videos to discuss. A goal is to make an immersive, open space for people of different levels to improve and support one another.

Yu Hsiang

Wednesday lunch


Have fun while working on robots and associated tasks.




The club is taking the role of making the high school yearbook.

Tracy Chen

Thursday lunch

Drone Club

This club will be for people who either have camera drones/UAS or are interested in them in general and want to get better at flying, filming, ext.

Miles Nevitt

Friday After School/Weekends

Student Council

Student Council works to foster communication and collaboration within the school community, promote students’ understanding of school policy, increase knowledge of the censuses process, and secure the voice of the students. The Student Council members are elected by their respective classes and are chosen to represent their class. Each year the group establishes priorities and goals based on student input.

Tuesday lunch

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