EI Week 2021 reimagined with a purpose.

by Dylan Lee and Saul Nishan.

The annual Experiential and Interdisciplinary Week (EI Week) at the high school was reimagined this year. For the first time, the EI Week was held on campus with everyone from the high school coming together to co-create one major project from streams of various efforts and contributions. For the past several weeks, groups of high school students led by their group faculty sponsors have been brainstorming on a variety of projects to beautify our Mountain View campus. The work that had gone into these creative and vibrant projects have brought a splash of color with a bright, cheery spring seasonal mood after weeks of rain towards the end of the winter season. High school students were happy to be outdoors under the sun, digging dirt to put up poles that will hold hammocks, assembling birdbath structures made out of driftwood, building plant boxes, making decorative mosaics on tree stumps, painting murals on walls and the storage container, weaving fences with natural and colorful materials. Most importantly, we had taken on tasks that expanded our basic knowledge, skills and abilities. Many students agree that the idea of staying on campus to work on these projects had been a tremendous opportunity to get our hands a little dirty while making our campus look more beautiful as well as reconnect with friends from other classes.

It is even more exciting to witness the priceless feelings of pride and ownership on our faces throughout EI Week. EI Week 2021 has been a great progression given all the restrictions and limitations imposed by the Covid pandemic and how we have had to confine ourselves for so many months. Who would have thought that just spending time working together would increase the morale of the students? Each day, our work together had flowed smoother and been filled with more energy and laughter. It’s that simple. School beautification is a great way to do all of these things and more by bringing students and teachers together. EI Week 2021 had given all of us a way to create and preserve both beautiful and healthy environments where learning and camaraderie were also enhanced.

The intentional work that we have collaborated on, is now a more beautiful space and an inviting atmosphere. The stunning landscaping and clean facilities will push us students in the right direction by giving us a wonderful space to learn, work and grow in. When we return to school from our spring break next week, we will return knowing that our campus is worth something because we all took the time to take care of a place we call home for seven or more hours of the day.  Having been directly involved in an experiential, hands-on and immersive way during EI week, we have each contributed in ways to become more respectful of our learning space and to clean up after ourselves. If a school space is valued, it will inspire pride of ownership among students, teachers, staff, and community members. EI Week 2021 beautification efforts is truly a source of inspiration with a positive impact on student behavior and relationship with our community. In particular, we have come together as a high school to take pride of community spirit, and leadership skills. We would like to express our deepest and sincere gratitude to our amazing teachers and staff who provided this opportunity and also fed us well each day with special treats. Lastly, a special shoutout to each class for entertaining us with fun games at the end of a long work day. GO MAVERICKS!

3 thoughts on “EI Week 2021 reimagined with a purpose.

  1. Walking through the campus recently, I was truly thrilled to see such beautiful artworks created throughout. You did an amazing job of bringing joy in physical form to WSP!

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  2. Wonderful article. Very well thought out… The campus seems like its been TRANSFORMED. Walking through it was like taking a stroll around the garden of eve. Great job to everyone and thank you all for the effort put in to complete such a project.

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